Elika and Beckett – Engagement Shoot – Lonsdale Quay

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – in all honesty, I just haven’t had the time.  Here’s some picture from Elika and Beckett that I took back in May.  I always love meeting my couples before the wedding so we can go through some poses and get a good feel for each other.  Weddings go by so fast so it’s a good idea to go over any shots that my clients may want and show them some of my work before their big day.  Ironically these guys just got married over the weekend and i’ll be posting their Vancouver wedding pictures sometime soon – I hope! Enjoy.

Elika_Beckett_Engagement-01 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-02 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-03 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-04 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-05 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-06 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-07 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-09 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-10 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-11 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-12 Elika_Beckett_Engagement-13